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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)


Of all the entries in the series, Dream Warriors is possibly my favourite. It has the return of Heather Langenkamp as Nancy and as always, the man of your dreams, Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. The story of Dream Warriors takes off where the original Nightmare on Elm Street left off – with Nancy now grown-up and a practising psychiatrist who specialises in dream therapy. She meets a group of children at the hospital she works at who are encountering the dream demon Freddy Krueger. She meets Kristen who has the power to draw people into her dreams and with the help of Nancy she helps the kids realize their special abilities within the nightmare world of Freddy.

Dream Warriors is possibly the part of the series where they started to inject some comedy into the series, with Freddy dropping some memorable one liners especially during the fight scenes with the dream warriors. But it also has some really creepy and effective imagery, the scenes of Phillip being used as a puppet to walk off the top of the tower is very creepy and is still a strong image even more than 20 years later.

Dream Warriors is also notable for having a song written for it by metal group Dokken – simply called ‘Dream Warriors’. The song is actually pretty catchy and the intro does make me think of music that might be used in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

For me, Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is one of the strongest entries in the series, with great special effects and memorable lines and scenes from the movie. It’s definitely one of the few entries in the series to that you can go and seek out and watch. Who knows – maybe on Halloween you’d get a visit from the man of your dreams.

5, 6 get a crucifix

7, 8 better stay up late

9, 10 never sleep again…


Did you know?

The Freddy glove that was stolen from the set of this film was found in another movie: it was hanging on the wall of the work shed in Evil Dead II (1987), released the same year. It was part of a continued banter between directors Wes Craven and Sam Raimi. See The Hills Have Eyes (1977), The Evil Dead (1981), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and Evil Dead II (1987) for more.

The original premise of the film involved Freddy invading the real world and haunting the actors and crew responsible for the “Nightmare on Elm Street” films. This idea was rejected by the studio, though Wes Craven later used it for New Nightmare (1994).

For the scene where Freddy kills Jennifer, his line in the script was: “This is it Jennifer, your big break on TV!”. Robert Englund said this line for the first two takes, but on the third take changed it to “Welcome to Prime Time, bitch!”. Director Chuck Russell couldn’t decide which version to use, so he edited the two together.

Jennifer Rubin was told by some of her fans that her character, Taryn, had caused them to quit drugs and the actress is very proud of this fact.

On the VHS release, the music video for Dokken’s “Dream Warriors” appeared after the credits. The video contains many scenes from the movie. Only it ends when the band vanquishes Freddy, causing him to wake up from his nightmare, and say “Who were those guys“.

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