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lovecraft horror games

Top Lovecraftian Games

HP Lovecraft have created and coined the term Cosmic Horror which has since then become known as Lovecraftian horror, with work influencing everyone from...
The Big Lebowski

21 Interesting facts from The Big Lebowski

“Okay sir, you're a Lebowski, I'm a Lebowski, that's terrific!” - one of the most famous lines in the Big Lebowski, a movie that...
The Mountains of Madness - Del Toro

The Best HP Lovecraft Stories

H.P. Lovecraft was known for writing a ton of stories and letters to his friends. In fact there is a joke floating around that...

The most dangerous movie ever filmed: Roar

In the world of Hollywood it isn't uncommon for actors to get hurt on the set of a movie, especially with elaborate stunts. Fortunately...

Valentines Day Countdown: My Bloody Valentine

In the mood for something a bit different for Valentine’s day? Want some blood and carnage to go with your chocolate and champaigne? Well...

Superman Lives: The weirdest Superman movie that never was

Sometimes in Hollywood a project might not make it to the silver screen. Many projects have come and failed before hitting the illusive green...

Top 7 Horror Film Remakes

In today’s culture of remakes, it is unfortunately inevitable that classic horror films will get the so-called remake treatment. Sometimes the remakes are absolutely...

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