Trailer Analytics

Trailer Analytics

Trailer Analytics of Penny Dreadful Season 2

Welcome to the NerdiPop Trailer Analytics of Penny Dreadful Season 2: Warning: The following may contain spoilers from the previous season! We open with Ethan Chandler...
Star Wars Episode 7 Vader Helmet Wallpaper

Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer 2

The opening shot of the second trailer is pure genius, it shows the remains of the war - from the crashed X-wing in the...

Marvel announces The Black Panther movie

Yesterday (28 October), Marvel announced their film plans for the next few years. One of the exciting projects to be announced is a movie...

Phantasm: Ravager – The Final Phantasm movie

In this day and age with movies constantly churning out sequels it’s kind of refreshing to hear that Phantasm V: Ravager will be the...

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