Get into the Christmas Spirit with NerdiPop

Get into the Christmas Spirit with NerdiPop


Christmas time is here! Whatever your reason for celebrating this season – the birth of Jesus Christ, the magic of old Santa, goodwill towards others, a close time for family or friends, NerdiPop will take you into this magical season with a daily Christmas countdown of magical movies that is a must watch!

Living in South Africa, we definitely don’t have a white Christmas, but rather a sunny, joyous summery Christmas! Here are some tips to get you into the Christmas Spirit!

  • Put up your Christmas tree and decorate it with lights, decorations and happy memories. We have a tradition in our house where we hang up photos or trinkets of people that are not there anymore on our Christmas tree to remember them.nerdy-christmas-trees Nerdipop

nerdy-christmas-trees2 Nerdipop

  • Hang up Christmas ornaments in your house, your garden – wherever you can.

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  • Go see the Christmas displays at various shopping malls.

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  • Make an advent calendar. There are many options – kids might prefer a sweetie every day of December. Other people might prefer a bottle of wine or inspirational message daily.

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  • Put up solar lights in your garden. They are relatively inexpensive and look beautiful at night.

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  • Play Christmas music. There are loads to choose from Neil Diamond, Nat King Cole, Josh Groban to Mariah Carrey’s Christmas albums.

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  • Watch some great Christmas movies (watch this space –NerdiPop will give you some great suggestions).

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  • Get in touch with family and friends. This is the time for togetherness, so don’t hesitate to call your family or invite them for a barbecue.Star-Wars-Stormtrooper-Christmas-Lights Nerdipop
  • Read Christmas themed books like “A Christmas Carol”, “How the Grinch stole Christmas” and “Rise of the Guardians”.

the-grinch Nerdipop

  • Bake Christmas cookies in various shapes – Christmas trees, Gingerbread men, Stars and Angels.

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  • Buy small cost effective gifts for your loved-ones or make your own Christmas gifts. Remember Christmas is a time for giving, but it doesn’t mean you have to be all extravagant.

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  • If you have kids, tell them to write Santa a letter and to leave cookies out for him the night before Christmas. When they are sleeping, quickly take a few bites out of the cookies and drink some of the milk. The next morning look all surprised with them – Santa was really here!

Big-Bang-Theory-Bazinga-Holiday-Stocking Nerdipop

  • Be generous and donate some of your time to the less fortunate. We usually do a Christmas Party for one or more of our charities in Bloem. This really gets you into the Christmas Spirit.

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  • Go to a Carol service. If you are religious, attend church services where you can sing Christmas inspired songs. If you’re not, attend events like Carols at Candlelight to get yourself into the spirit.

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If you follow the above suggestions, we are sure you will have a very happy and merry Christmas Season! Check back on 1 December to see which Christmas movies we suggest!

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Happy Christmas Season all!

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