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Hello and welcome to the first post on Nerdipop in quite some time. Our avid followers might have realised that we kind of stopped posting at one point (the precise date is 23 June 2015). Some of you perhaps thought we have abandoned Nerdipop – the truth of the matter is that we have been busy with our normal day-to-day jobs.

In a perfect world Nerdipop would be a self supporting website which would be able to generate its income for hosting each month on its own – alas we are far from this goal. When we started Nerdipop the idea was to use ad supported posts to help bring in some income for the site and pay for the server fees – sadly this didn’t work. We then tried using Patreon which also didn’t work. So unfortunately – as it is in an imperfect world – we have to do our day-to-day jobs to generate income to pay for the site and for our living expenses.

In short – that is the story of why we haven’t been updating the site or doing our theme weeks for a while.

You might ask – how can we support Nerdipop and ensure that we write some more articles on a regular basis? One way is by supporting the Nerdipop Shop and another is by supporting us on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/nerdipop?ty=h).

Also on a closing note, Happy 1 Year Birthday Nerdipop!