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Labyrinth Easter Egg – 7 Secret Jareth Faces


I found this really cool LABYRINTH Easter Egg on BuzzFeed.com:

  1. The first face appears as soon as Sarah enters the Labyrinth (after talking to the little blue worm).


  1. After the tunnel cleaners scene, Hoggle and Sarah climb a ladder. Hoggle steps on a weak rung and it breaks. As they show the rung falling, Jareth’s face appears among the rocks.


  1. After talking to the wiseman, Sarah and Hoggle walk through a hedge maze. Jareth’s face is on the floor, to the left of the obelisk.
  2. 3In the scene after Sarah frees Ludo, Hoggle is seen walking off and muttering, “She’ll never get through the Labyrinth.”Jareth’s face appears on the top left hand corner.


  1. At the beginning of the scene were Jareth gives Hoggle the poison peach.


  1. Jareth’s face can been seen on the wall of the Bog of Eternal Stench, right after the ledge crumbles.
  2. 6In the forest, right after they leave the Bog of Eternal Stench, Jareth’s face appears among the trees.


 The Labyrinth Plot:

Fifteen year old Sarah Williams reads lines from a play called the Labyrinth in the park, watched by her dog and an unseen barn owl, she is unable to remember the last lines and when the clock chimes seven o’clock she rushes home in the pouring rain, only to meet with her stepmother and the two have an argument. She and her father leave Sarah in charge of her baby brother Toby while they go out for the evening. Sarah (discovering that Toby has her treasured teddy bear, Lancelot) inadvertently wishes for the Goblin King, Jareth, from her earlier play to come and take him away. When he acquieses to her request, she immediately regrets it. But he refuses to give Toby up and wants to turn him into a goblin. Upon Sarah’s insistence, he gives her thirteen hours in order to solve his vast labyrinth and deposits her outside of its gates. She meets Hoggle, a cowardly and curmudgeonly Dwarf who gets her in, but advises against her continuing.

labyrinth1With the help of a worm, Sarah is able to solve the first problem in the maze, but unseen creatures keep her from making any progress by changing her marks she uses for directions, and the maze keeps changing around her. She solves a puzzle of truths but falls into an oubliette, only to be freed by Hoggle. Jareth confronts them and deducts Sarah’s time due to her confidence, and Hoggle accidentally reveals he was supposed to lead her out of the Labyrinth. After narrowly escaping a deadly cleaning device for the tunnels, Hoggle tries to cut and run, but is convinced to stay when Sarah steals his stash of jewels. They become separated when they encounter a huge beast named Ludo who turns out to be a gentle giant. After coming across a pair of door knockers, Sarah and Ludo enter a dark swamp, where Ludo disappears into the ground. Meanwhile, Jareth seeing he cares about her, gives Hoggle a peach to give to Sarah, and he doubles back, rescuing her from a group of creatures with detachable body parts trying to remove her head. Her glee in his rescuing her sends them both into the Bog of Eternal Stench, where they reunite with Ludo and meet Sir Didymus, an anthropomorphic fox with a normal dog as his steed, and Ludo reveals he can summon rocks with his howl, saving Sarah from falling into the bog. Sarah later expresses hunger, and Hoggle regrettably gives her the peach, and runs off alone. Sarah enters a haze as her memories begin to fade, and she enters a dream world, where Jareth dances with her, revealing that he is in love with her. Sarah escapes and falls into a desolate junk yard where an old hag tries to convince her to stay, surrounded by her own materialistic possessions, which are piled on her back. But she remembers her cause – that she has to save Toby – and breaks Jareth’s hold on her.

The group sneaks into the Goblin City where Hoggle rescues them from an enormous metallic guard and he is forgiven for his cowardly behavior. Jareth is alerted to their arrival to the city and he sends out his guard to stop Sarah. After escaping the dangers of his army, using Ludo’s ability to summon an army of rocks, Sarah realizes she must face Jareth alone. She encounters a room with many stairs (like an M.C. Escher painting) but is unable to reach Toby as Jareth tries to confront her. Sarah makes a leap of faith to catch her brother, but Jareth intervenes and tries to convince her to love him. Sarah recites the monologue, but is stuck again on the last line. When Jareth asks her to “Fear me, love me, do as I say, and I shall be your slave!” Sarah remembers the line and quotes “You have no power over me!” Jareth, defeated at the last possible second, uses his magic to send Sarah back to her world. She rushes upstairs to find that Toby is also there, and she gives him Lancelot, realizing that she needs to put away childish things. Sarah returns to her room where she sees her friends in her mirror telling her that they would be there for her when she needs them. When Sarah exclaims she does need them every now and again, they cheer and everyone Sarah had met in the Labyrinth suddenly appears, celebrating racuously in her room. Jareth, in his owl form, watches from outside and then flies away (source: wikipedia).

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