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Movies for Christmas: Die Hard


Movies for Christmas: Die Hard – 7 December 2017

Die Hard is probably one of the more unconventional choices for our Christmas Count Down, but it’s still a Christmas movie.

Taking place on Christmas Eve, John McClane (Bruce Willis) arrives in Los Angeles to reconcile with his estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia). John gets driven to the Nakatomi Plaze building where a Christmas party is being held by Holly’s boss.  While changing clothes at the Nakatomi Plaze building, the party is disrupted by Hans Gruber and his heavily armed Group, they manage to seize the tower and secure those inside except for John McClane who manages to slip away.

Die Hard is perfect for the holiday season as it’s got everything you’d want in a holiday movie – copious amounts of actiDie Hard (1988)
on, suspense and “skop skiet en donner“. With great performances by Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman, this isn’t your typical Christmas movie, but it’s definitely one to watch when you want something else than Christmas cheer

Die Hard (1989)

Fun fact: Remember Hans Gruber’s look of shock as he falls to his death at the end of the movie? That was completely real.In order to capture genuine emotion on actor Alan Rickman’s face, director John McTiernan sent Rickman plummeting off a 20-foot model of the Nakatomi building a full second before he expected it. Needless to say, Rickman was angered by the surprise plunge, especially since he had serious misgivings about the safety of the stunt fall in the first place. Hey, nobody does that to Hans Gruber and gets away with it.(source: http://thefw.com/things-you-didnt-know-about-die-hard/)

Watch the trailer here:

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