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Nerdipop, Patreon and Adsense


Hello if you are reading this, I am one of the main writers on Nerdipop. Granted I haven’t written most of the articles on the site, but I felt this article is somewhat needed to explain what is going on with Nerdipop.

We started Nerdipop about 2 years ago, and the goal of Nerdipop was simple, we wanted to create a website where you could talk about nerdi stuff for the South African market. we didn’t get many views when we started. And on some days we still don’t get many views, on other days we have so much traffic it’s amazing.

Which brings me to the point I don’t want to talk about, Nerdipop, Patreon and Adsense. Now with most websites and youtube channels we started a patreon account to help with the expenses on running the website. now we haven’t seen a penny yet, and that is okay. I don’t like patreon. It feels more a system for begging for money online, but hey if you want to help us, I will not complain.

And now onto Adsense, which is our prefered method of keeping the site going. Unfortunately most people run ad-block, so our returns on adsense are low. Now I could put on a plug-in to display things to ask you to remove adsense, but I believe a website should be how you like a website to be. But if you can, please whitelist nerdipop on adsense or your adblocker of choice. More revenue means we can write more for the website and keep it alive for longer.

Thanks for reading this, and we will try and bring in more new articles on nerdipop for you to enjoy. But with things as they currently are, our day jobs are taking most of our time to pay the bills.


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