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Rocky Horror Picture Show Famous Quotes


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) famous quotes

What would the Rocky Horror Picture Show week be without famous quotes from the movie. Enjoy!

The Criminologist: I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.


Frank: [singing] I’m just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania


Frank: Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh – erotic nightmares beyond any measure, and sensual daydreams to treasure forever. Can’t you just see it? Don’t dream it, be it.


Janet: What have you done to Brad?

Frank: Nothing. Why, do you think I should?

  • Frank: Oh, I just love success!
  • Riff Raff: He’s a credit to your genius, Master.
  • Frank: Yes!
  • Magenta: A triumph of your will.
  • Frank: Yes!
  • Columbia: He’s okay!
  • Frank: Okay? Okay? I think we can do better than that! Well, Brad and Janet, what do you think of him?
  • Janet: Well, I don’t like men with too many muscles.
  • Frank: I didn’t make him for you! He carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval!


  • The Criminologist: [reading from dictionary] “Emotion: Agitation or disturbance of mind; vehement or excited mental state.” It is also a powerful and irrational master. And from what Magenta and Columbia eagerly viewed on their television monitor, there seemed little doubt that Janet was indeed… its slave.


Frank: [singing] Whatever happened to Fay Wray / That delicate satin-draped frame / As it clung to her thigh / How I started to cry / ‘Cause I wanted to be dressed just the same.

CardRiff Raff: [singing] Frank-n-Furter it’s all over. Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle’s too extreme. I’m your new commander. You are now my prisoner. We return to Transylvania. Prepare the transit beam.

Frank: Do you think I made a mistake splitting his brain between the two of them? 


Frank: It’s not easy having a good time! Even smiling makes my face ache!

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