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Superman Lives: The weirdest Superman movie that never was


Sometimes in Hollywood a project might not make it to the silver screen. Many projects have come and failed before hitting the illusive green light – from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s epic Crusade that failed to the Darren Aronofsky’s Batman Movie starring Clint Eastwood. Sometimes a movie dies in development hell and unfortunately that was the case with Superman Lives – the weirdest Superman movie that never was.

Superman Lives (previously titled Superman Reborn) is the title for a canceled Superman movie intended for production during the 1990s. The film was to be directed by Tim Burton and produced by Jon Peters.

The movie would have featured Nicholas Cage as Superman. Let that sink in for a bit. Nicholas Cage as Superman…

Nicholas Cage as Superman

Sure he was on fire during the 90’s with movies such as Con Air and the Rock, but when I think of Nicholas Cage the last thing I think is Superman. He is a giant Superman fan (he actually named his son Kal-El – after Superman’s birth name). It is to be believed that this would have been a passion project for him. The film was produced by Jon Peters, who prior to being a producer in Hollywood, was Barbra Streisand’s hairdresser!

Director and postcast host Kevin Smith, has a lot to say about working with Jon Peters. This range from having Smith add a giant spider to the Superman movie – (because spiders are one of the most dangerous animals in the animal kingdom) and eventually asking that Superman’s Fortress of Solitude should be protected by Polar Bears! When asked why he just responded ‘Polar Bears are the most dangerous animals in the animal kingdom’.

The movie had some bizarre costumes for Superman. At one point of the movie where Superman dies, he comes back wearing a metalic rainbow with lights flowing through the suit of the iconic Superman suit.

Unfortunately we will never truly have this very weird part of cinematic history on our shelves as the movie never got made. There is a silver lining in that Jon Schnepp is busy making a documentary on the Death of Superman Lives: What happened? It will feature interviews with Tim Burton and Nicholas Cage on the failed Superman Lives project.


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