Top 5 Slasher designs


A slasher film is just as good as its villain, and we’re bringing you our top 5 Slasher designs today on NerdiPop.

The Miner (My Bloody Valentine)

Horror Slasher Designs - The Miner


With his face and eyes buried behind a gasmask, the Miner from the film My Bloody Valentine is genuinely terrifying. This provides the appearance of black pits where his eyes should be. Anyone who comes into contact with his mining helmet and the light blazing in his direction risks being blinded. The Miner, dressed simply in a coverall and wielding his distinctive pickaxe, will give anyone nightmares if they happen to come upon him.

Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Horror Slasher Designs - Pinhead

Pinhead, the central character from Hellraiser and the Hellbound heart, comes from Clive Barker’s warped mind. Pinhead has a lot of nails pounded into his head, as his name implies. It is his mission as a member of the Coenobites to transport individuals who solve the lament configuration to Hell so that they can receive their rewards. Pinhead, as portrayed on screen by Doug Bradley, is a fantastic character, more Dracula than, say, Freddy Kruger. With the Scarlet Gospels set to be released this year and Clive Barker’s Hell series coming to an end, it’s a shame that Pinhead will be killed off, but who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

Michael Myers (Halloween)

Horror Slasher Designs - Michael Myers

Michael Myers is the Original Boogie Man, the one who inspired the slasher genre with John Carpenter’s seminal masterpiece, Halloween. The Face of Michael Myers is actually an old William Shatner Mask painted white. Even though it’s Shatner’s face it’s still very creepy. The black pits looking at you as he walks towards you with the knife in his hand is very creepy. Michael Myers set the standard for the modern Slasher film and became one of cinema’s biggest boogie men.

Jason (Friday the 13th)

Horror Slasher Designs - Jason

Jason has gone through more costume changes than Lady Gaga in concert, but for all the design changes Jason has pretty much been consistent for the past 7 or 8 movies he has been in. He wasn’t really in the first Friday the 13th  – he only made his appearance in Part 2 and finally got that classic hockey mask which has become part of the character in Part 3. From the half decomposed Zombie Jason (Friday the 13th part 8) to the Cyborg uber-Jason (Jason X) and to the eventual rebooted Jason where was back alive (Friday the 13th 2009), Jason has been a staple of the horror and the slasher genre for years. Hopefully we will see the masked maniac return again some time soon. As they say they always come back for one last good scare.

Freddy (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Horror Slasher Designs - Freddy

They say that the key to a memorable character is if you can identify the character just from their silhouette – and Freddy has that in spades. From his trademark knife glove, fedora, red and black sweater and his clown prince of horror attitude, Freddy was responsible for a whole generation being afraid to go to sleep. He might have gotten more silly with each passing movie until he eventually became almost a parody of himself, but Freddy will always be there waiting in your dreams – as he himself said “Every town has a Elm Street”.

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