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Cool Easter Eggs!


Cool Easter Eggs!

For today, we are going to entice you with some really cool Easter Eggs that one can find on Google and Youtube.


Beam me up Scotty / USE THE FORCE LUKE (YouTube)

If you type “beam me up Scotty” into YouTube, it will warp in your search results as if they’re being teleported to or from Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. Similarly, typing “use the force Luke” will make your search results float around the screen just as Luke could make objects float around in Star Wars.

For some other cool YOUTUBE Easter eggs, watch this video:


 ZERG RUSH – Google attacks your search results!

zerg-rush-easter-egg-googleGoogling “zerg rush,” a reference to a classic tactic used by StarCraft players, will create a mini game in which the “o’s” in “Google” rebel and start viciously attacking your search results. The user can, however, fight back by tapping on them. After destroying the results, the “o”s then arrange themselves into ‘GG’, meaning “Good Game”.


If you type in Pacman google, a playable Pacman game appears.



Some other really cool Google Search Engine Easter Eggs:

Searching for “askew” or “tilt” using Google will cause the search results to be displayed at a slight angle.

Searching for “Atari Breakout” and then clicking Images will start a game of Breakout using the image results as bricks. When one wins it searches something else randomly and plays again.

Searching for “how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood” using “Search by voice” produces a vocal response of another tongue twister “A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood”.

Searching for “Festivus” places a Festivus pole in the left side of the window, and the text showing the results displays “A festivus miracle!” next to it.

Searching for “Google in 1998” results in a 1998 Google search screen appearing in place of the current Google search screen. Clicking on the first result will bring the user to the Wayback Machine’s version of Google from 1998. However, clicking I’m Feeling Lucky will go to a page showing google’s history in depth.

Searching for “beam me up, Scotty” using voice search produces a vocal response that says “I cannot do it, Captain, I do not have the power.” in an impersonation of the character Mr. Scott from Star Trek.

Searching for “What does the fox say?” using voice search produces various vocal responses from the song of the same name by Ylvis.

Searching for “webdriver torso” shows the Google logo in the top left corner imitate the videos, with animated coloured rectangles.

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