Fairy Tale Stories in “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”


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Episode 1: The Boy Who Fed On Nightmares

The story is about a little boy who has horrific nightmares on a daily basis. He went in quest of a witch to assist him get rid of his dreams because he was tired of coping with them. He assured the witch that in exchange, he would do whatever she desired.

The witch instantly erased his painful memories, and the boy was free of his nightmares. As the years passed and he matured into an adult, he realized that even though he no longer had such dreams, he was not happy. The witch appeared to him on a full moon night, and he asked as to why. The witch informed him that only by going through difficult times in life could he become stronger, more adaptable, more passionate in return. She counseled him to overcome these inner conflicts and terrible experiences rather than simply forgetting about them.

The moral of the story is simple and clear: if you can’t fight and win your battles, you’re not a true grownup. You may remain in ignorance if you choose to ignore the drawbacks, but ignorance is not always bliss.

Episode 2: The Lady In Red Shoes

Episode 3: Sleeping Witch

Episode 4: Zombie Kid

A town once had an ugly infant born. He was pallid, with deep-set eyes and thorns sprouting all over him. The mother quickly discovered that her kid was not human, but rather a zombie child with no affection or feeling, only a hunger for sustenance. She hid him in her cellar, fearing the worst and needing to protect him from the other villagers. She would bring him stolen food from other farms, such as chickens or pigs. There was an illness and famine in the village one day, and everyone left quickly, except for the mother, who couldn’t stomach leaving her child.

As her resources ran low, she hacked off her own leg, then her arm, to feed her son. When she was only left with her torso, she crawled to her child and held him, letting him eat her entire body. For the first time in his life, the zombie child spoke, saying, “So Mom is really warm after all…” Perhaps the boy’s wish to be fed with food was merely a yearning to experience the warmth and love of someone, as he grew up shunned and locked away. The narration clip is embedded below.

Episode 5: Rapunzel and the Cursed Castle

Episode 6: Bluebeard’s Secret

Episode 7: The Cheerful Dog

A dog formerly lived tied to a little porch near a tree in a village. He was good at masking his emotions, therefore he was well-liked by the villagers who enjoyed playing with him. But when it became dark, he’d always whine regretfully. The dog yearned to run around freely, but he couldn’t since he was chained to the porch. One day, his heart spoke out to him, “Hey! “Why don’t you just cut the leash?” The dog just stated that he was unable to do so since he had forgotten how. He was so used to being chained that he didn’t know how to break free. The moral of the story is that sometimes happiness and freedom are right under our noses, but we ignore them because we are accustomed to the status quo.

Episode 8: Beauty and the Beast

Episode 9: King Donkey Ears

The theme for Episode 9 was The King with Donkey Ears. This is based on a traditional Greek story about King Midas told to children all across the world. Here’s a summary of the plot:
A monarch with donkey ears was terrified of the rest of the civilized world discovering and mocking him for his disability. Therefore he hid his ears in various ways, with only his barber discovering them. He warned his barber not to expose the mystery of his ears. The barber had held this secret for many years, but felt obligated to share it. As a result, he dug a hole and whispered the secret to it.

The location of the hole was later dug up by youngsters, and an echo was released, indicating that the monarch had donkey ears. Enraged that everyone had discovered his secret, the monarch arrested the barber, informing him he would be imprisoned permanently and insulting him for not preserving his secret and violating his promise. The barber was heartbroken and guilty for failing to uphold the King’s promise.

Similarly to what happened at the end of the previous episode, Sang Tae yelled his feelings of distain for Gang Tae. We’ve all heard the adage that no secret can be held forever and that the truth always prevails…

Episode 10: The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Episode 11: The Ugly Duckling

Episode 12: Romeo and Juliet

We look like Romeo and Juliet. — Ko Moon Young

The ill-fated mortal enemies. Who should’ve never crossed paths. — Gang Tae

No. they’re meant to be. It’s fate. — Moon Young

It’s a tragic fate. — Gang Tae

This episode gradually reveals Ko Moon Young and Gang Tae’s families’ relationship. Like Romeo and Juliet, the two meet a tragic end. However, this narrative demonstrates that we may establish love between families out of resentment, after all, love is extremely powerful.

Episode 13: The Father of the Two Sisters

Episode 14: The Hand, The Monkfish

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby girl was born into a wealthy family. She was as beautiful and flawless as magnolias. Her mother loved her so much that she pledge she’d do anything for her baby. She said she would even present to her the sun and the moon.

When the baby started eating solid foods, her mother was thrilled, “My sweet child, I will feed you everything you want to eat. Open your mouth wide like this ahhh”

When the baby started walking, her mother ran hurriedly to where she was. “My sweet child, I will carry you. Come on, hop on my back.”

After raising the baby by always providing her with everything she needed, the mother said this, “My beloved child, I need some rest now. Can you get me some food?”

Then the child spoke, “Mom, I have no hands. I never used them so they’ve vanished.”

“Then my sweet child, can you carry me on your back? My legs hurt.”

Then the child said this, “Mom, I have no feet. You always carried me on your back. So, I’ve never even stepped on the ground. But instead, I have a huge mouth,” and she opened her humongous mouth.

Then the mother shouted in anger, “You weren’t my perfect baby after all. You’re like a useless monkfish. All you can do is eat what I feed you. You can’t do anything on your own. You’re an utter failure.”

Then the mother threw the baby into the far away sea. Even since that day, it’s been said that the fisherman can hear a baby’s cry on spooky, windy days out on the sea.

“Mom. Mom. What did I do wrong? Please come and get me. Please come back and get me.”

Nurse Park

This is a heartbreaking story. Spoiling your children and not allowing them to do things on their own will eventually catch up with the parents. We don’t always have someone to lean on. There are moments when we need to confront the world on our own.


Episode 15: A Tale of Two Brothers

Episode 16: Finding the Real Face

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