NerdiPop’s top 5 Mothers in Animations


Alma Madrigal (Encanto)

Children: Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno Madrigal

Alma Madrigal is the main antagonist in Disney’s animated feature film Encanto. She is the Madrigal family’s matriarch, Pedro’s widowed wife, mother of Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno, and grandma of Isabela, Dolores, Luisa, Camilo, Mirabel, and Antonio. Her home was invaded by conquerors when she was younger, and her husband was tragically killed in the process. Alma was able to flee to the mountains with her children and fellow refugees, where she discovered a hidden “Encanto” and, by a miracle, the candle she was holding was imbued with magic, allowing their Casita to come to life and achieve sentience. Following that, the candle began bestowing miraculous gifts on all members of Alma’s family, and Alma has been its custodian ever since. At the end of the movie, the family’s bond has grown stronger, making “Encanto” a powerful film about being yourself — and learning to see and appreciate the people you care about, flaws and all.


Dumbo: Mrs. Jumbo.

Child: Dumbo

Mrs. Jumbo is a key character in the Disney animated picture Dumbo, which was released in 1941. She is the film’s main character’s caring and protective mother. When Mrs. Dumbo tries to shield him from the audience when they mock his ears, she is separated from him. She goes on a rampage and is abruptly attacked by an animal manager as she continues to rage, damaging the tent; she is then labeled a mad elephant and sent in solitary confinement. Dumbo’s ability to fly had made him renowned by the end of the movie. Mrs. Jumbo is released from solitary confinement as a result, and she and Dumbo are given their own train car. She was last seen embracing and hugging her son and waving goodbye to Dumbo’s new friends, the Crows, who had taught him to fly earlier.

Kala (Tarzan)

Children: Unnamed son and Tarzan

Kala is a peaceful, gentle, kind, and loving person. She adores her son Tarzan, despite the fact that she knows Tarzan won’t be able to replace her firstborn son, who was killed by Sabor. Although she is normally a loving gorilla, Kala can be aggressive when required and is also fearless, as she demonstrates when she fights the deadly leopard Sabor to rescue Tarzan’s infant. Kala and her mate Kerchak often quarrel (though they both desire what is best for the tribe), but they love each other and Kala is grieved when Kerchak dies.

Mrs. Potts (Beauty & The Beast)

Children: Chip and 12 other brothers and sisters (unnamed)

The Potts Children are characters from the Disney animated feature picture Beauty and the Beast, which was released in 1991. Mrs. Potts had at least six further children, as indicated by their name (according to Marvel Comics, including Chip, she had 12 children overall). The Enchantress transformed the children into a teacup set, just like their brother. Mrs. Potts is the Beast’s most reliant member, as she is intelligent, level-headed, and self-righteous. As a mother, she is both loving and nurturing, as well as strict and unyielding.

Gramma Tala (Moana)

Children: Tui (daughter) and unnamed son

In the 2016 film Moana, Gramma Tala is the tritagonist. She is the mother of Tui, Sina’s mother-in-law, and Moana’s grandmother. Tala, like her granddaughter, has a passion for sea exploration, as she comes from a family of South Pacific explorers. Unlike the other villagers, Tala has not forgotten (or, in Tui’s case, chosen to ignore) her roots. She wishes for her people to reclaim their former glory as master wayfinders.

Tala is referred to as the “keeper of the ancient legends,” as she is well-versed in her background and culture. She’s also aware of the looming darkness that threatens her people, and she hopes that Moana will one day use her navigational skills to free the earth.


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