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Top Fantasy Swords


What would a fantasy movie or story be without a great sword? Well it will probably be still interesting or a good story, but a great sword has the ability to make you want to pick up a sword and learn the art of fighting with the blade. Here is Nerdipop’s Top 5 Swords in Fantasy Media!

Buster Sword – Final Fantasy 7

Fantasy Swords - Buster Sword

Possibly one of the most iconic weapons in all video games,the Buster sword appeared in Final Fantasy 7 and was wielded by the character Cloud Strife. The Buster Sword is a massive weapon, truly larger than a great sword. Its height is set at about 5 or 6 feet long with a single edge. If it was a real sword, it would be very difficult to wield if you are not used to wielding such a giant sword. Still one of the most iconic designs out there.

Sting – The Hobbit

Fantasy Swords - The Hobbit - Sting

Sting is technically not a sword and more of a dagger or knife, but when wielded by a Halfling or Hobbit, it is indeed a sword to be reckoned with. Found by Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit and eventually wielded by Frodo in the Lord of the Rings, Sting glows in the presence of Orcs or Goblins, making it quite a useful weapon to use. The name Sting comes from when Bilbo fought the giant spiders in the Mirkwood. The spiders referred to his blade as his Sting.

Ice – A Game of Thrones

Fantasy Swords - Ice

From George R.R. Martin’s seminal work a song of Ice and Fire comes one of the most iconic swords from a Game of Thrones – Ice the Valyrian steel great sword. Ice is a great sword that belongs to the Starks of Winterfell. We could go further into what happened to the great sword Ice, but that would be spoiling the story of a Song of Ice and Fire.

Andúril – Lord of the Rings

Fantasy Swords - Andúril

Few swords in the world of fantasy have a presence to them when you see them. Andúril is one of these sword. Broken in the fight against the dark Lord Sauron, the blade of Narsil would later be reforged by the Elven smiths of Rivendell into Andúril, the flame of the west. There are some key changes from the book to the movies, but Andúril is still one of the most badass swords in the world of fantasy.

The Atlantean Sword – Conan

Fantasy Swords - The Atlantean Sword

The Atlantean Sword is one of the first swords that ever made me want to learn to fight with the sword. The Atlantean Sword just screams classic fantasy sword. Conan finds the sword in a underground cave or burial site, with a lone skeleton sitting on a throne with the sword on his right hand side. As Conan takes the sword the skeleton moves slightly as if challenging Conan for taking his sword from him. It is said that the skeleton on the throne is actually King Kull of Atlantis, another character from Robert E. Howard.